2022 The Year To Be Clear

Updated: Apr 25

2022 is your year. Why is this year so important; because the number two has a deeper spiritual meaning. Two's represent change and introspection.

In Tarot Major Arcana, the number two card is the High Priestess. She represents going within and trusting that you have the answers. She reminds us to trust our intuition and our spiritual experiences.

The number zero represents a clean slate by taking what you have learned from the year and letting go of old habits, patterns, and people who are not in your best interest. The Fool card in the Tarot deck depicts a person standing on a cliff looking out over the horizon, only carrying what they need.

Today the moon is in the Waning Crescent phase and will be for another four days. This phase is about introspection and reflecting. What is working in your life and what isn't? What are the negative messages repeating in your head?

During the next four days, observe where you are in all areas of your life and, like the Fool, let go of any heavy baggage weighing you down. Living an enchanted life is seeing where you are heading with clarity and purpose.

I understand how difficult it can be to see the invisible baggage you carry around. The only thing you are aware of is the results you can see. But to change the results, you must know what is ruling your life; the limiting beliefs (what you believe your limits are), rule the decisions you make.

Because these beliefs are a part of your DNA, they feel normal. The only way to see is to observe.

If you feel puzzled about what to clear, my year reading can assist with the clarity to make the changes. Year To Be Clear

Here is my New Year ritual:

  1. Write out what I am observing in all areas of my life.

  2. Do a year Tarot reading on what to expect each month.

  3. Record the Tarot reading in Manifesting Moon Magic planner/journal; this helps me prepare for what energies will be around.

  4. Visualize a new year and the changes I want to bring into the new year.

  5. Create a Vision Board as a tool to remind me of my desires.

  6. Write my intentions in Manifesting Moon Magic planner/journal and break them into quarterly, doable actions.

  7. Refer to my daily entries in Manifesting Moon Magic and observe the moon phase, daily energy, and the tools I need to keep me from giving up.

  8. Read my daily affirmations.

  9. Record my wins and write noticeable changes in the five pillars of my life inside Manifesting Moon Magic.

  10. Record my quarterly progress and make needed revisions.

I can keep moving forward by measuring my progress no matter how small it may seem at the moment. I also surround myself with women who support me on my journey to an enchanted life.

Learn how to play the game for an enchanted life. She's Magic

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