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Do you sometimes find yourself scrolling endlessly on social media while trying to numb the feeling of dissatisfaction with your life, I mean, you like your life for the most part, but you can't help but feel like something is missing. A quick hit of dopamine from swiping relieves the discontent for some time, but soon comparison begins to rob you of your temporary joy.


I get it; I have been guilty of the same, but I soon learned I was avoiding the inevitable, and scrolling kept me engaged in someone else's life. I needed to move out of inertia, but first, I needed to discover more about myself.


The journey took me on a path of learning about the law of attraction, healing trauma, chakras, astrology, numerology, Human Design, personality quizzes, the language of the moon, and her phases, ritual, journaling, Tarot, automatic writing, and meditation; the whole metaphysical enchilada.


While on my journey, it hit me! I was lost, and I was trying to find myself. I had given my power away to limiting beliefs about myself, and those beliefs had hijacked my life! I had become a people pleaser, putting everyone's needs above myself. I was running on empty, feeling listless, passionless, and most days hiding from society.


And then the magic happened, I found myself again! I was never really lost, just buried in expectations from others. I had told myself I needed to be the perfect example of what the patriarch deemed beautiful and what role I needed to play to be an active member of society. And if I wasn't living up to that belief, I was not good enough. Hypnotized by such nonsense had robbed me of authenticity.


I learned that I am an Aquarius Rising and that my uniqueness is my superpower. My innovative spirit is my guiding post, along with the rebellion for freedom and the freedom to creatively express myself in any way I choose. I am not here to fit into anyone's box; "no one puts baby in the corner."


I want the same for you; finding yourself changes your perspective through self-awareness! And that is why I have taken a different approach to my life, and I am sharing this information with you. 


I wrote "She's Magic" to share my practical way of accomplishing what I want by tackling life through the eyes of playing a game.


I created "Metamorphosis" to share a practical way of using your astrological natal chart and the twelve houses for self-development.


Why do I do the work that I do? Because we are moving into a time globally where self-awareness, self-actualization, and self-reliance are paramount to our existence. Join me on this magical journey to self and release the illusion of external expectations.

What clients are saying;

My session with Celia was on point. She is very intuitive and knows where to dig deeper, even if you unconsciously want to push her in another direction. I love that she is persistent and won’t stop until she clears that block and shifts what needs to be shifted. I was able to see something that even though was so obvious, I wasn’t seeing. This was a game changer for me and my business. If you have a chance to work with Celia, do it! You won’t regret it.


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