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Sanctuary in a Box is a different approach to creating a design for your space. It is completed virtually. This is accomplished through emails and Video Conference.


The benefit of this option is you have the freedom to complete the design within your budget and timeframe. And it can be executed in a different state without traveling.

Sanctuary In a Box


Sanctuary in a Box Services



First, you will receive a questionnaire so we can better serve you.


We will have you create a board on Pinterest with the style of rooms you like.


When we know what room in your home you have chosen, we will give you a flat fee for the completion of the project.


We will set up an appointment where we will do a virtual walkthrough of your space.


Once we have a clear vision of what your desires are for your space, we get to work.


We will have you measure your space. These measurements will include doorways, windows, ceiling height and furniture pieces that are staying in the room.


Then we will complete a vision board, up to three revisions, along with space planning and paint color options.

When we have narrowed the design vision for your space, you will receive a completed list of all the items to purchase for your room. There will be a floor plan included as well as paint color samples and any other finishes we discussed, if available. (We are not responsible for any items that are no longer available due to the timeframe you start to implement the design.)


Keep in mind you will have measurements of pieces we’ve selected and finishes. You can use this as a guideline to find a replacement piece.


Finally, you can complete a room in your home with confidence. You will have the right colors, patterns, scale and placement of each item in your space. And you can WOW your friends and family with your newfound talent!  Shhh, we won’t tell.

 Sanctuary in a Box in is a perfect combo package with the Intuitive Color Assessment - Purchase them in the Shop


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