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Figuring out your purpose is the biggest mystery to living an enchanted life. 

Animals know their purpose and are born in their habitat, but we are gifted with imagination to assist us in creating an environment where we choose to live and how we want to live. Because there are so many options, we are left confused.


What if I told you the stars hold your blueprint and have the roadmap to your purpose; would you believe me?


Well, it's true, you've heard the saying, "X marks the spot," the spot that leads to your treasure, your pot of gold. At the specific time of your birth, the planet's placements are a map to your true north. 


In your reading, you will learn how to use your map to get to your pot of gold.



  • Learn about your life purpose, your soul's calling, and the best career choice for success.

  • Learn your strengths and qualities and define the best version of yourself.

  • Learn about the challenges and obstacles you are here to overcome in life.

  • Get to know and understand yourself better.

  • Learn what area of life can bring you the most joy.

  • Learn what type of career will bring you the most money.


I wish I had this information while making important decisions in my life; it would have helped me save time and experience less confusion. 


Email Your Name, Birth Date, Birth Time, and Place of Birth.

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